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I started out years ago working as a systems administrator for the (large) banks. I was working as a contractor for several years, and I finally got tired of the layoffs when the stock falls. So I decided to take my large scale enterprise grade IT experience and market it to smaller businesses, who can’t afford a full time IT person. Well business was initially slow so I decided that I wanted to refresh my graphic skills. Graphic Arts has changed A LOT since college. So I taught myself the entire Adobe Graphic Suite. Then I decided to try out the open source equivalents as well. I’m well versed in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, and Inkscape.

I’m particularly good with vector graphics. Which means I do logos the right way! You should always have your business logo as a vector graphic, btw. I prefer to do almost all my graphic work in vector graphics so that it can be scaled without resolution loss.

Typically my rates for Graphic Design is $39/hr, with a half hour minimum. I will accept barter and trade for my graphic work! I have been known to take bribes for graphic work, which is usually IBC Root Beer, cold smoked salmon, or dried gourmet mushrooms.