Many of my customers have trouble understanding the difference between bitmap graphics and vector graphics.  So let me try to clear this up.

bitmap vs vector graphics

bitmap vs vector graphics

In the computer/digital world there are two very different types of image files/graphics.

  • Raster/Bitmap graphics
  • Vector Graphics

Raster bitmap graphics are composed of a two dimensional array of pixels.  These can be edited by applications such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, or the GIMP (open source).  Since they are pixel based the key disadvantage to these image formats is that they are not scalable.  When you attempt to increase the size of the image, it pixelates.  You can however down scale raster/bitmap graphics as much as you like.

Vector graphics on the other hand are composed of shapes which are mathematically defined.  So vector graphics can be scaled up or down freely.  This makes vector graphics the perfect choice to have your logo made into.  That way no matter what you wish to put your logo on, it will always be clear and sharp

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